Better than Sex: Cake!

_DSC0475 kopie

Hoorah! We’re one!

We celebrated our first birthday the way any respectable food porn blog should — by bingeing ourselves into a sugar coma. We’ll be hitting the gym pretty hard for the next couple of months, but in the words of one famous cupcake, “je ne regrette rien!”

So which sexy little tartlet made our blood sugar spike? Here’s a list of our top five faves.


Best apple pie in Amsterdam? So they say. Were we convinced? We wanted so desperately to prove the masses wrong. But after one bite we experienced an emotion quite similar to defeat (not that we would know what that feels like exactly. It’s never happened to us before). Winkel does make a damn good apple pie. Faultless, in fact. Perfectly sweet, perfectly tart, the crust wasn’t too mushy and the filling wasn’t too gooey. Still. Best apple pie in Amsterdam? So far, yes. But we’re gonna keep on looking…

Patisserie Holtkamp

Oh my God. No, seriously. There’s no other way to describe it. Their red berry cheesecake is oh-my-God. (Shh… one more bite and we’ll wake the neighbors). Of course, we love the climactic final bite best, when cheesecake, berry glaze and smooth crust all come together. Oh. My. God.

Van Ness Cupcake

We knew we’d found the right place when we heard the girls shrieking. What is it about Van Ness cupcakes that turn perfectly ladylike young women into panting, screaming, finger-licking maniacs? Even if we claim to be on a no-carb diet, even if we insist we are “so over cupcakes”, just hand us one of Van Ness’s signature red velvet cupcakes with a hefty dollop of vanilla icing and watch us go weak in the knees. We simply cannot resist.

Van Velze’s

We’ve gone on the hunt for the best chocolate in the city before, but the fact that we neglected to include Van Velze’s was an egregious oversight. We love that these folks aren’t afraid to get to kinky. The Hemelse Chocolade taart with a walnut brownie crust, topped with one layer of white chocolate mousse and one layer dark chocolate mousse is wonderfully decadent and all, but we swooned when we discovered the Cappuccino cake, made with Bailey’s. Sigh…

American Baking Company (aka, ABC)

We love a cake that plays hard-to-get. And we won’t lie — we’ve even taken to Facebook-stalking this traveling bakery. It’s possible we may have left a desperate message or two, Where were you last Sunday? I looked all over for you! or even, I’ll see you tomorrow at Pure Markt, right??? You’ll save me a slice of red velvet cheesecake? Although we’ve tried committing to a more reliable source of carrot cake, who are we kidding? The next time ABC rolls into town, we’ll be the first ones in line.

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