Fries with Benefits at Binnen Buiten

BinnenBuiten_339 kopie

Satay PDA.

I’m paraphrasing Woody Allen when I say there’s no such thing as the wrong kind of orgasm. “Even the worst one I ever had was right on the money,” he said. Or something.

You could say the same about Amsterdam satays. It’s hard to have a bad one. But when they’re really good? Oh. My. Goooood!

I like to think of Binnen Buiten as a Friend with Benefits. (I had another turn of phrase in mind, but I decided to censor myself. Hi, Mom!) When I need a satay with pindasaus, and I need it NOW, Binnen Buiten is always reliable for a satisfying quickie. The peanut sauce is creamy and downright decadent. I love the fries, too — thick-cut, never too greasy, and just the right consistency between tender and crunchy.

Thank you, Binnen Buiten, for always knowing how I want it — and for giving it to me so good.

2 responses to “Fries with Benefits at Binnen Buiten

    • We agree, it’s a terrible oversight! And we are working to get that corrected for all our reviews. Addresses will be provided soon. Until then – Binnen Buiten is located at Ruysdaelkade 115, just around the corner from Albert Cuyp.

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